Tip And Guide: How to sew a simple pillow

Sew yourself something could be the best thing you ever do. How do you feel if a simple pillow could be your first sewing project? Pillows are straightforward and shoddy to collect, and an incredible approach to learning and rehearse some essential sewing and creating abilities. So why waste cash on locally acquired pads when you can basically make your own? Square and rectangular pads are the least demanding to make! That’s sound great, right? After you bought the best sewing machines, learnt about parts of this machine, how to set up it and how to sew with it. Let do your first project now!

Source images: http://www.wikihow.com/Sew-a-Simple-Pillow

What do you need? Make sure you have: Fabric, Sewing machine or needle, Thread, Scissors, Thimble (optional), Stuffing…


Step 1: Purchase about one yard of fabric in a single colour. On the off chance that you need the two sides to appear as something else, then purchase a large portion of a yard of every type of fabric.

Any fabric can work, yet consider the reason for the cushion you need. In the event that you will be utilising it lay on around evening time, pick a fabric that feels great against your face. On the off chance that your cushion will be improving, pick a fabric that matches your other furniture.


Step 2: Measure to the size you need and after that remove it. Ensure that the two sides cut out are the same size. (You can use a ruler or also a short thread)


Step 3: Take the fabric and match the sides that you need to show confronting each other within. A basic pillow is basically two bits of fabric sewed together and loaded with a delicate stuffing. Your two pieces ought to be somewhat greater than you need your cushion to be long and wide.


Step 4: Sit at the sewing machine or snatch your needle and begin sewing. Make sure you are comfortable and relax.


Step 5: Leave around 3 inches (7.6 cm) of the fabric open (which implies don’t sew that part).


Step 6: Flip over the two bits of fabric so that the sides you need to show are presently all things considered.


Step 7: Stuff with stuffing. Take your stuffing and push it beyond all detectable inhibitions side of your cushion. Attempt to keep the stuffing uniformly circulated as you go. Try not to stop until your cushion is full and has no conspicuous zones of slack in its body. Locally acquired cotton filler works best, yet anything from down quills to scrap fabric can work.


Step 8: Sew the opening shut with thread and a needle.


Step 9: Put the cushion where you need it and you are finished.

Is that easy? Let me know how you feel after finished this!

If you still don’t know how to sew it, or don’t know how to set up the machine, google it, or easier, ask us, we will lead you to the guide and help you!