The cause of back pain

back painThe lumbar has complex structures including tendons, muscles, and other soft tissues; nerves and the sensitive nerve endings from the waist down to the feet; small joints; spinal disc inner core. A stimulus or any problems with these structures can cause lower back pain or pain spreading to other parts of the body.

What is the lower back pain?

Lower back pain is a common disease. Lower back is calculated from the lower thoracic or lumbar. Pain in this position can be very intense and it is one of the leading causes of loss of working ability. Fortunately, there are many effective treatments for back pain.

The symptoms of lower back painlower back pain

Symptoms of lower back pain are quite diverse, it can range from dull to pain sensation like being stabbed or shot. The pain may make it difficult for patients to move or stand upright. Acute back pain comes on suddenly, after an injury while playing sports or lifting heavy objects. The back pain is considered chronic if it lasts 3 months. If the pain does not improve within 72 hours, you should find a specialist doctor.

When back pain patients need intensive care

If you suffer from back pain after a fall or injury, you should go to the hospital for tests. Some warning signs include the risk of bowel or bladder control, leg weakness, fever, and cough or pain when urinating. If you have any symptoms associated with back pain, let’s contact your doctor.

the type of back painThe type of back pain occurs after heavy lifting or strenuous exercise that is often caused by muscle tension. But back pain can sometimes involve a bulging disc or rupture.

Jobback pain

Your job requires lifting, pulling, or any movement should rotate the spine, which can cause lower back pain. However, sitting at a desk all day has its own risks, especially if your chair is not comfortable.


You always need to keep straight back. When sitting up straight, waist best support for your back and shoulders, especially with feet on a low stool. When standing, you should keep the weight balanced evenly on both feet.

Herniated discHerniated disc

The vertebrae of the spine are easily cushioned by aging or injury. A weakened disc can rupture or bulge, by pressure on the spinal nerve roots. Therefore, a herniated disk can cause severe pain.

Chronic diseases

Some of the following chronic conditions that can lead to back pain.

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the space around the spinal cord, which causes pressure on the spinal cord.