Neck shoulder pain

woman with pain in the neckNeck shoulder pain is caused by many causes. Working posture will affect neck shoulder pain, osteoarthritis pain; especially in the technology time, the youth can sit in front of the computer in a long time. Osteoarthritis discomfort and neck shoulder pain, osteoarthritis, arthritis is the main reasons of neck-shoulder pain.

Painful in neck shoulder is the first symptom. At the first time, the patient will feel only a slight pain, and limited movement in the neck and the head is not comfortable when turning.

In addition to pain, patients have more symptoms also increased feeling light touch to the nape area or mild surf publications also created pain clearly.shoulder pain

When advanced disease, it can affect sleep and eat, all activities related to the neck are very sore and restrict. The patient gets sleeping problems, lying on one side will make patient feel extremely hurt. When excessive pain, gentle movements also affects pain.

Neck Pain 2There are many ways to treat shoulder neck pain. The patient should rest, control motion and supply a number of minerals for the body such as calcium, potassium and vitamin C, B, E; the warm bath is also very good to relax blood vessels, massage helps relax the muscles sore, enhance circulation in the body. The patients need to go to the hospital for diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Besides, patient should change some bad habits like a high sleeping pillow, sitting in a long time; changing posture is the methods that can prevent neck shoulder pain. In addition, patients also should paly sports with appropriate exercises to avoid stress. When neck shoulder pain, we can use stickers into the painful area to reduce the pain because neck shoulder spine pain is a neuromuscular disorder that is caused by the local spasms, nerve damage, spine or intervertebral discs.

treat shoulder neck pain

It is necessary to meet the doctor, if the doctor cannot found any injury in the neck and shoulder areas, the patient will be advised to take pain reducing medication, patches, patients can massage neck and shoulder area by hand, that is also a good way to reduce the pain.