How To Use A Portable Ice Machine ?

We all know that the common way to make ice is: put the water in the freezer, and waiting for several hours until it transforms to the ice. It sounds quite simple, but the question is: how can we make the ice outside, example, in a long trip, and it is hard to find a fridge in that area where we will visit. We absolutely can not bring a big fridge during our trip. So there is a solution for us, a portable ice machine is a best choice. Because it is small and portable, we may not only carry it easily, but also use it in anywhere, as long as there is a power outlet in that area. Another advantage of a portable ice machine is: it can make ice very quickly. Some kind of portable ice machine can make ice in a few minutes. So we all see the big advantages of a portable ice machine, and in this article, we will introduce the guideline to use and maintain it. This is the necessary experiences for you to use and maintain your machine better.

Five steps to use a portable ice machine

There are so many models of portable ice machine in the market, and each of them has specific features. Then it may have some differences between each model. But in this article, we will present the common steps, that we can apply for almost types of portable ice machine.

Step 1: choose the size of the ice cube

Use the “Select” button on the machine to set the size of the ice cube. If the temperature of the room is higher than 16°C, choose the big size. If the temperature is lower, then choose medium or small size ice to avoid the ice cube stick together.

Step 2: pour water in the tub of the machine

Open the door of the ice machine, remove the basket which is used to store the ice. Then pour the water in the tube. Make sure that the level of the water inside is not higher than the limit level.

Step 3: start the machine

Close the door of the machine, and then press the “power” button to begin the ice making process. This process may take around 6-14 minutes. It is up to the size of the ice cube that you have chosen.

Step 4: check the water level

Check the water level periodically to make sure that it is not too low. If the water level is lower than the permitted level, then the machine will shutdown automatically. In this case, you should press “power” button to stop the machine, then refill it with water, and close the door. Wait around three minutes for the refrigerant to settle inside the compressor, then after that, press the “power” button again to start the machine.

Step 5: take out the ice

Check the ice basket periodically to take out the finished ice. Remember that the machine will shutdown automatically if the ice basket is full.

A proper maintenance schedule could help to increase the endurance of your portable ice machine. The maintenance process of a portable ice machine is very simple and may not take long time. It is just a few minutes to wipe outside the machine, and clean the water tub regularly after use. And you should clean inside the machine occasionally with vinegar or lemon to ensure the taste of the ice. That is all what you need to maintain your machine, so simple, right?


Through this article, we can see that a portable ice machine (Read more to find portable ice reviews in 2016) best is very convenient and easy to use. Just apply five steps in the guideline, and you can use almost the portable ice machine in the market. With such a useful machine like that, you will have more enjoyable time with your friend and your family. So if you still not had a portable ice machine, why don’t you consider buying one?