How to sharpen your hunting knife?

1.Why do you need to know how to sharpen a hunting knife?


 Nowadays, you can sharpen your hunting set easily, by bringing it to the hunting store and pay for the sharpening or maintenance service, and you will have a sharp hunting knife set like the brand new one. But you still need to know how to sharpen a hunting knife by yourself, because sometimes in a hunting trip, your hunting knife may become blunt and need to be sharpened at that time, so you cannot ask anyone else to sharpen it for you. Then, the knowledge about the way to sharpen a hunting knife is necessary, and that is the reason why I write this article. In here, I will introduce you the method to sharpen a hunting knife, as well as some sharpening tools that you may need, with hope that the information here will be useful for you.

2.Sharpening method

There are three steps in a basic sharpening method, including: sharpening, straightening and polishing. I will detail each step below.


The main purpose of this step is to remove the unwanted chunk of material out of the blade, thereby return the sharpness for it. This step is performed by setting the edge with an angle around 20 to 30 degrees against the grinding material, then starting to grind them.


 The purpose of this step is the same with the first step that is to remove the unwanted chunk of material. But the difference in this step is we only refine the result of the first step. So, the grinding degrees will be around 15 to 20 degrees to remove the remaining unwanted chunk of material.


This is the final step of the process. The main purpose of this step is to polish the edge, make it become smooth and glossy.

So, we can see that there are three steps of a sharpening process. But you may not need to go through all of three steps in every sharpening time. It is up to the blunt level of your hunting knife, in some conditions, only straightening and polishing are enough.

3.Sharpening tools



 This is one of the sharpening tools, with the grinding texture on the surface. The special point of whetstone is: you must submerge it into the water before using it. After making its surface wet by water, set the hunting knife with an angle around 20 degrees, and start sliding it slowly to remove the unwanted chunk of material.

    >Sharpening rod 


This is one of the most popular sharpening tools, because it is very compact and can be carried easily along with the hunting knife set. The way to sharpen a hunting knife by the sharpening rod is: hold the sharpening rod in your left hand, and the hunting knife in your right hand, then create an angle around 20-25 degrees between them, and swipe the knife smoothly. After that, use a wet towel to clean the scrap metal on the hunting knife.

    >Pull through sharpening tool


This is a convenient sharpening tool with V-shape construct. We use it to sharpen the hunting knife by putting the edge between the V-shape slot, and then pull the hunting knife through it. The V-shape slot can be adjusted easily to become suitable with various size of edge. This is a convenient and ease of use sharpening tool.

    >Electric sharpening tool  

This is a powerful electric sharpening tool, which was design to sharpen every kind of blunt hunting knife. This tool was integrated all three steps of a sharpening process, and the system is preset, so we can use it to sharpen our hunting knife easily. The highlight of this machine is simple, fast, reliable, and we can use it without too many technique or knowledge. But the disadvantage of this machine is it needs electric, so we cannot use it in jungle.

    >Guided sharpening tool


 This tool has a guiding system to fix and direct the edge of hunting knife, in a most suitable angle. Thereby we can sharpen the hunting knife edge faster and easier. This tool is very suitable with an amateur user, because it does not ask complicated technique to use it.   


After reading this article, you can have the knowledge about the basic technique to sharpen a hunting knife, as well as four types of sharpening tool. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, example the sharpening rod is compact, the pull through sharpening tool is ease of use… So which method you should choose is up to your habit and your favorite. Just use the method which can make you feel most comfortable, and then practice to get familiar with it. It will be useful for you in a hunting trip.