Best Food Dehydrator – Important Features

If you have a food dehydrator in your home, you will be saving a lot of money as dehydrating food at home is far cheaper than buying the same food from market. If you have not use a food dehydrator before, you must be worried that how you can choose the best food dehydrator from so many brands, available in the market. There are some features which make a food dehydrator a best food dehydrator. Let’s try to know that what these features are.

Food_DehydratorSome dehydrators are enclosing type, while others are open. Enclose ones are better that in them there is no chance of juice dripping, and they save lot of your time as well. Another important feature is the location of fan. Fan is located either on top or in bottom of dehydrator, in some cases it is placed on sides. In my opinion, best food dehydrator is that which has fan either on top or on the side. In this situation, there is no chance to mixing the aromas, as air will flow downward or on the sides.

The power of the dehydrator, the wattage which it uses to dry the food is also very important. More powerful dehydrators will be more efficient too. If you are a busy person and don’t have a lot of time for food drying, the best food dehydrator for you is that one, which is powerful and can dry lot of food within short time. However, be careful every food does not dry on high wattage, as some gets hard on high wattage and lose their nutritional value. Size of dehydrator is also very important. You have to select the size of dehydrator, according to your needs. Think about the quantity of food which you have to dehydrate regularly and then decide about the size of this device.